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Butch Davis is currently tied with algroh for most losses to Frank Beamer with eight, one behind the nine racked up by Tom O’Brien. It seems highly-unlikely that either Sgt. Schultz or the Great NFL Legend will have the opportunity to make a run at the record. While algroh continues to toil at Georgia Tech […]
These are certainly interesting times for the boys in Indianapolis who are referred to, often laughably, as the NCAA Enforcement Division. After only five years, they finally seemed to notice the nose on the end of their face and smacked Southern Cal pretty hard, sending Pete Carroll scurrying back to the NFL. Things have moved […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Maybe it is the revenge of the Football Gods. Perhaps they were so offended by the crassness displayed by Virginia Tech in selling its soul to Nike and allowing its football team to be attired in whatever garish creation the sports conglomerate could come up with that they decided […]
North Carolina football coach Butch Davis expressed ‘surprise’ at the latest investigation of his football program. At a hastily-called press conference also attended by North Carolina Chancellor Holden Thorp and Athletic Director Dick Baddour, it was revealed that the NCAA had uncovered yet another impropriety in the Tar Heels’ scandal-plagued football program. Allegations of academic […]
It is the home stretch. Season tickets have been delivered, early [FedEx] travel arrangements made and I have even had dinner with Frank and several hundred other Roanoke Hokies. We are now inside a month and are counting down to another football season. Practice has begun at all schools and all available media outlets are […]
So, how are your brackets? Following four days of basketball noted primarily for the large numbers of high seeds getting shot down like a Mig over the Sinai and the quick exit of 5/6 of the ACC schools actually invited, the college basketball world pauses to take a breath and rest for a few days. […]
As usually happens twice a year, the howling about the participants in a college postseason is loud and long. Cries of rigged systems and nefarious plots to reward favored teams abound. There is not a lot of difference between what is heard in basketball than the clamor following each and every football season. In basketball, […]
A month ago, things looked bleak for Virginia Tech. The Hokies had ridden an OOC schedule so weak that even a team coached by Seth Greenberg only lost to the one good team it played. Coupled with a relatively-easy ACC draw that had the Hokies playing twice the worst teams in the league and Tech […]
Well, this very likely won’t be the first ACC basketball season where every single team finishes with an 8-8 record. While it looked for a while that the entire conference might finish at .500 in league play, and a bunch still might, a bit of separation has taken place in the standings. There is also […]
The Hoos reacted to a Tech Internet columnist publicly proclaiming his support by losing to Arkansas in the College World Series. The announcement by a Tech fan that he was a closet supporter of Hoo baseball had something other than a positive effect on the Hoo team, as a blown late-game lead, a flurry of […]