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The last Saturday in June always brings an event I rather look forward to each year. That would be the Alderson Family Reunion. This year was no different. The annual gathering of the descendants of Richard Cephus and Sallie Adams Alderson was held last Saturday. Although both had checked out by the time I made […]
I recently got around to watching the replay of the Virginia Tech- Florida State game. It was immensely satisfying to observe Frank again flinging the Bowden Monkey off his back and relieving to see that between the end of the game I saw and the time Comcast replayed it Tuesday night Bobby had not found […]
A-Line Extra One of the most vicious and mean-spirited campaigns in the history of Danville politics ended Tuesday with the re-election of Incumbent Republican businessman Danny Marshall to his seat in the 14th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. Marshall held off a strong challenge mounted by Twenty-something unemployed slacker Adam Tomer. Tomer, the […]
Sometimes a game is just a game. I did not attend last Thursday’s Tech loss to Boston College. It was the first home game I had missed in a very long time. And, not only was I not among the rain-soaked Hokies witnessing fifty-six minutes of good football, I wasn’t watching on television, either. The […]
These are indeed the Dog Daze of August. After a brief weekend respite from the heat when temperatures plunged to a bracing 92, local forecasters inform me and everyone else that we are due for another bout of triple digits. Only the arrival of football season tickets offers any kind of hope for respite for […]
This time the television cameras were gone. The networks that had sensationalized the Virginia Tech tragedy had moved on. NBC, which had seen fit to provide a forum for the deranged rants of a murderous madman, didn’t seem to find Saturday’s events newsworthy. Maybe it was just as well. The last thing many of us […]