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It has been an interesting couple of weeks. And that doesn’t even count my pitiful brackets. I have been doing this sort of thing for 15 years now, in a variety of formats and hosts. I have enjoyed the hell out of it. I discovered some time back that when you express your opinions, there […]
So, how are your brackets? Following four days of basketball noted primarily for the large numbers of high seeds getting shot down like a Mig over the Sinai and the quick exit of 5/6 of the ACC schools actually invited, the college basketball world pauses to take a breath and rest for a few days. […]
Throughout his twenty-year career as a head college basketball coach, Seth Greenberg has had plenty of opportunities to explain why his teams were not chosen for the NCAA Tournament. The most recent Selection Sunday with its most recent snub of Virginia Tech, provided the latest. A week ago, Tech had seemed a lock to finally […]
A month ago, things looked bleak for Virginia Tech. The Hokies had ridden an OOC schedule so weak that even a team coached by Seth Greenberg only lost to the one good team it played. Coupled with a relatively-easy ACC draw that had the Hokies playing twice the worst teams in the league and Tech […]
Of all the ACC basketball games, those between Virginia Tech and Duke are my least favorite. Sunday night was why. Many are aware that I have closely followed Duke basketball for decades, more closely and much longer than I have followed the same sport at Tech. Through the good graces of a fellow Hokie who […]
The shouts came from the John’s upper deck. After Virginia Tech had concluded its stirring comeback over the Hoos, about the only thing that could be heard were the chants of ‘Just like football.’ They could have been referring to the entire ACC basketball season. As ACC honcho Little Johnny Swofford attempts to deal with […]
Well, this very likely won’t be the first ACC basketball season where every single team finishes with an 8-8 record. While it looked for a while that the entire conference might finish at .500 in league play, and a bunch still might, a bit of separation has taken place in the standings. There is also […]
It was not exactly the stuff of Little Johnny’s tournament dreams. Of the seven ACC teams that marched off to do battle in the NCAA Tournament, four were home after their first game, while a fifth was bounced in its second. To add insult to injury, both of the league’s NIT entrants were gone by […]
As usually happens this time of year, the NCAA has decided to conduct a basketball tournament. Once again, that august body’s Selection Committee closeted themselves in a luxury hotel, not emerging until they had thoroughly screened and vetted both the potential teams and room service options. We have the Final Sixty-Five. The NCAA Tournament will […]
When last week began,  there appeared to be three ACC teams chasing perhaps two spots in the NCAA Tournament. Five losses in six games later, the chances of the conference placing more than half its membership roster in the Big Dance have gotten considerably more remote. A Lawrence Welk show had fewer popping bubbles. Virginia […]