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Gee, what a fun season this is turning into. Aside from that altogether miserable performance by Tech last Saturday night in an altogether miserable Lane Stadium, this is becoming, for me, any way, not the best of times. The best thing that can be said about the woeful results against Clemson is the less said […]
The Alderson family held its annual reunion this past Saturday. While that is not all that unusual, as they are held around this time every year, the venue and methods of celebration were. I have been attending these events for quite a while. As time passes, I notice that I am edging slowly but surely […]
The A-Line Board of Football Experts Jim on WSET-TV [middle-aged?] “I’m sure I will always call the guy in the glass a friend.”- algroh And so it ended. Hoo football coach algroh was algrohed early Sunday, following what must have been one of the shortest program evaluations ever undertaken. The reign of the Great NFL […]
04/27/2009 How about that Spring Game? Was that fun or what? Well, for the most part it was. The Virginia Tech Spring Game drew a crowd of 41,000, claimed to be the largest in the history of Tech holding these things. It was certainly the biggest I had seen in the 15 or so years […]