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The A-Line Board of Football Experts Maybe it is the revenge of the Football Gods. Perhaps they were so offended by the crassness displayed by Virginia Tech in selling its soul to Nike and allowing its football team to be attired in whatever garish creation the sports conglomerate could come up with that they decided […]
With the kickoff of another football season a fortnight away, the time seems apt to take a stab at predicting the ACC’s 09 season. Parity ruled the conference last year and nothing much seems to have changed. While there still don’t seem to be any really great teams with Duke showing signs of life, there […]
The Weauxf Gods Do China 08/11/08 With the days of the 2008 Dead Zone dwindling down, NBC, the International Olympic Committee and McDonald’s have joined to provide a late-summer respite from the sports doldrums. The eyes of the world are fixated on the games of the 29th Olympiad in Beijing. That would include the Weauxf […]
A-Line Extra: No se weauxf, señor Vasquez 02/21/08 Early in Wednesday night’s Virginia Tech- Maryland game, Terps’ guard Grevis Vasquez was observed weauxfing at Tech’s AD Vassallo, no doubt in the Spanish native to them both. It was certainly noticed by the Weauxf Gods. Vasquez was singing a different canción late in the game as […]
It’s all a matter of perspective. That came through loud and clear in Sunday’s fish-wrap edition of the Daily Hoo. Splashed across the front of the sports section in large type and big bold letters was the summation of the previous day’s activity from the local point of view. It read: BUMMERBALL. Not from where […]
We continue to become accustomed to our new digs here at The A-Line. I also notice that once a fee is not required to read columns there seem to be quite a few new people interested in reading them. That, coupled with a bunch of new readers provided by my new buddy Bob Lee Swagger […]
It started as just another Dead Zone weekend. I had begun my Friday afternoon at a local watering hole. I was with my buddy the Hoo Lawyer and we were engaged in a favorite pastime of swapping tales, wisecracks and insults. The Hoo Lawyer filled the void between his finishing of one Scotch and the […]