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The Wreck in the Hills 12/20/07 It’s like riding past a particularly gruesome automobile accident. You know you shouldn’t look, but you just can’t help it. The fascination of what you might see overrides all sense of decency. Such it is with the multi-car pileup that the situation in the Hills has become. The wreckage […]
These continue to be great amusement to be found in college athletics. Within the last few days, we have seen chaos erupt in the Hills and David Cutcliffe decide to end his coaching career. And how about that hilarity in Hooville? By now, it should go without saying that college coaching is a sleazy business […]
The prognosticators were right after all. Last August, the media covering ACC football picked, in overwhelming fashion, Virginia Tech to win the league’s football championship. While being tabbed the favorite in the post-expansion ACC has usually been the kiss of death, the media, lo and behold, this time got it right. Tech actually won the […]